After a new employee is hired, the first real impression your organization makes is throughout the onboarding process. BambooHR makes this sometimes cumbersome process smooth and seamless, but still makes room for adding personal touches to necessary forms and formalities. With the confidence of onboarding checklists and fewer compliance concerns, you can spend less time up to your eye balls in paperwork and more time creating amazing first days for your talented new hires.

Stay organized and on-task

The first week doesn’t have to be chaos.

Do you currently use the “stickies” method to remind you of the endless tasks that need to happen when a new member joins the team?  Your desk does not have to be over-run by sticky notes.  Let BambooHR® manage the employee onboarding so you can stay focussed and create better first days. BambooHR onboarding tools help you delegate tasks automatically, complete paperwork quickly, and lets you gather electronic signatures with customizable preboarding packages.  You can now set new hires up in advance with welcome emails and IT checklists. Onboarding has never been this simple.

New onboarding tasks are visible from the home screen or the inbox. 
See who has completed their tasks and reminders to those who haven’t.

Onboarding is transparent and simple

Watch your team shine!

As team members complete their tasks you can sit back and watch the onboarding proceed. If George hasn’t gotten to his task by noon you can send a quick email reminding him to check off his tasks as he completes them. You have a full record of who completed what and when which gives full transparency as everyone on the team plays their part.

… and off-boarding is just as seamless.

Make today your tomorrow.

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