Too many organizations are still using unreliable methods to gather and track information for payroll.  Collecting this information plays an important part in paying your employees on time and accurately. Let BambooHR do the work for you by tracking hours and time-off requests, benefits, or any form of PTO.  Paying your employees can be an easy and delightful experience if you have the right tools.

Time Tracking made simple!

Tracking time doesn’t have to be a chore.

Payroll is only as good as the process for tracking time. BambooHR’s employee time-tracking software makes it a breeze for employees and managers to to enter their time. The software can be set up to allow employees to clock in and out or enter hours right from the Home screen in BambooHR. Timesheets are also easily available for approvals or edits. There are no hoops to jump through and with such an easy process that can also be accessed from a mobile device, there are fewer forgotten entries and no lost data.

Track your time in seconds from a computer or mobile device.
After the initial setup, sit back and be compliant.

Compliance is easy

Be confident in your processes

Many companies struggle to maintain compliance. Why not let the software manage the compliance? BambooHR Time Tracking automatically calculates total hours, overtime, PTO, and holiday pay so your HR department doesn’t have to. Instead, payroll hours reports and timesheet approval workflows give your HR the confidence and convenience to run payroll quickly and accurately.

… payroll doesn’t have to take hours to prepare.

Time Off Management

Take the guesswork out of time off available!

Is your HR department bogged down with time-off approvals and tracking? BambooHR has you covered. The employee vacation tracking software is simple and intuitive by design. Employees can makes a PTO request from their computer or mobile device. Their manager receives instant alerts via email, mobile, and their BambooHR inbox. It only takes a few seconds to check for calendar conflicts and approving the request is even faster. The employee is automatically notified and time off balance is is automatically updated so work can continue with minimal interruption.

Calculate Time Off accruals and submit requests anytime.
Don’t let simple tasks fall into the cracks.

Time Off Approvals in minutes

Workflows that are effective

When approvals are required and paper requests are still used, it can take days for time off requests to be approved. Instead, you have the option to provide employees the tools they need to make realistic requests and management has all the information they need in seconds to complete the approval. Reports are easily accessed and history is well documented so your HR can stay informed.It doesn’t get easier than this! 

… time off management has never been this easy!

Make today your tomorrow.

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