The hiring process is often drawn out and cumbersome. It is hard enough finding the right talent so why not use a software that speeds up the process allowing you to make sure great candidates don’t slip through your fingers.  BambooHR has applicant tracking tools  that bring a modern approach to hiring and improves every stage of the hiring process from applications to offer letters. Remove the bottlenecks and improve communication so you can hire the right people, faster than ever.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Modern recruiting tools help you find and hire the right talent fast.

Get ahead of the game and let your software help you attract the right candidates. Employers want every advantage they can get when it comes to recruiting the the right team members. Keeping applicant information organized through every phase of hiring is simple with the BambooHR® applicant tracking software, giving you that advantage. Focus on finding the right talent for the job and creating a great candidate experience that makes the candidate want to become a member of your organized and innovative team.

View job postings, follow recruiting steps, view correspondence and documents all in under 30 seconds!

Mobile Hiring App

Don’t miss the perfect opportunity!

Often the most qualified applicants are off the market within 10 days. Therefore, recruiters have to be on their toes. With our Mobile Hiring App you never have to worry about missing that opportunity.  Moving candidates through your review process is quickly and the experience for both the applicant and recruiter is a pleasant experience. With BambooHR Hiring, you’re able to review resumes, cover letters, and answers to application questions the instant candidates apply, even if you are at your son’s ball game!

Make today your tomorrow.

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