Successful companies are ones that create an internal culture where people feel valued and supported. Creating a positive culture requires a deep understanding of the people who work there. Helping you gain the kind of insights to create a plan of action means having the ability to measure employee performance and gauge overall employee satisfaction. BambooHR can give you what you need to strengthen culture and guide your organization forward.

Employee Performance Software

Improve employee performance with simple steps.

Too often companies perform employee performance once a year (at most) because of it’s time consuming process. When appraisals only happen once a year, it’s tough to make them accurate and meaningful. BambooHR’s performance appraisal software speeds up the process by using a few brief questions that encourage action while limiting subjectivity and speculation. The result? Higher engagement, more accurate reflections of employee performance, and more chances to address problems in the moment.

It just takes a few short questions for employees and managers to complete performance reviews.
See where your employees stand with simple reports that compare employee self-evaluations to supervisor reviews.

See the Results

Get the inside scoop on employee performance

Employee performance reports are available to help managers understand when, where, and how to help their people. These reports are a simple and visual way to compare performance and engagement. The reports can be filtered individually, by department, or across the entire company. In just seconds you can identify high-performing employees who feel undervalued and take action before burnout sets in. Alternatively, you may find underperforming individuals and explore ways to help them improve. In any case, the simple reports give you the talent management data you need to make the right call for your employees.

… make performance evaluations fun and useful!

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